Beginning Tuesday, September 3, we begin reading and discussing Jim Rosemergy’s A Closer Walk With God. All are welcome!

Who is God? Where is He? Why does God feel so separate from our everyday lives? These are questions that even those on the spiritual path find themselves asking during times of difficulty Who has not at times felt abandoned by God, apart from Him, alone in the world? And who has not desired to know Him better, to have Him be closer?

In A Closer Walk with God, every person who desires to know God in a more personal way will find the blueprint for creating a lasting and fulfilling relationship. Through prayer and a new understanding of prayer’s purpose, humanity will enter the millennium with a closer relationship to God.

People often think to pray during times of stress, need, or lack; but the real reason for prayer is to know God — not simply to fulfill wishes. To know the Presence will provide those on the path with the spiritual sustenance they need to pray for any other reason is a form of resistance that declares a belief in a power other than God at work in life. In chapters that Outline the path to more meaningful prayer, we discover that prayer is an art that entails learning to wait that it is important to have forgiveness, and that answered prayer is a possibility, if we pray for an awareness of God. In essence, a more rewarding and lucid life is in a consciousness of God. Prayer is not so much what we do as it is a way of life.


Books will be available in the church bookstore.