OneSong Service
Sunday, September 15, 6:00 pm
with special guest Zelda Hotaling

A Native American practitioner, Zelda Hotaling has created 21 large “Sacred Dream Circles, ” several of which will be displayed at the church and used in a sacred ceremony at our OneSong service on September 15th.

The circles are about 7′ in diameter and contain crystals and other sacred elements configured as sacred geometry. Each Sacred Dream Circle creates a portal that guides participants through conscious evolution and the powerful experience of harmonizing and balancing through divine frequencies emanating from each of the Sacred Dream Circles.

Zelda writes, “The dream circle project was given by Creator, and is a guide to assist humanity to fulfill the prophecy of peace and healing. To be in the presence of the Sacred Dream Circles is a powerful experience and helps focus inspiration, reconnecting us with our authentic spiritual selves.”

In the service, Zelda will lead us in reflecting on both holding the light and respecting the dark as we first clear ourselves through toning and intention and then send our energy out to the planet.