Sue Oringel

is delighted to announce the publication of her new book of poetry

My Coney Island

Sue will be on hand after the reading to autograph books.

“Coney Island is not only a vividly evoked place, but a history of the country and of a family. Issues of immigration, assimilation, and belonging thread subtly but clearly through these poems; the public and the personal inter- twine. Astutely, Oringel finds in the carnival rides and parades, the drag and burlesque queens and freak shows “places where old morality gave way….” and sees too the oceanfront as a place of escape from daily hard work, and “from what was, is, surely waiting.” Through the lives of struggle and dreams of a better future, Oringel’s empathetic gift finds “the will, indomitable,” in her mother in “La Vie en Gris,” and prays for the same in “poor everybody,” in the poem of that title. These are rich, sustaining poems.”

–Joan Aleshire