Global Peaceful Cities / Albany Peace Project

Training for Peace Project initiative in Albany, August 3 – 9, 2019

Intentional Coherence Meditation is a type of meditation that combines heart rate variability biofeedback skills with intentional and prayer techniques demonstrated to work through various research studies. It is different from traditional meditation, because it is designed to teach you how to skillfully move your nervous system into a state that researchers refer to as coherence.

Traditional meditation often has you “observe what is”….which is valuable as well. However, for our purpose, we choose to strategically move our nervous systems into a more resourceful state. We use intention to be sure that we have significantly improved our well-being by using evidence-based biofeedback skills.

The hallmark of coherence is heart rate variability, as documented by the Institute of Heartmath. Our meditations are designed to facilitate heart rate variability which research documents primes your nervous system for greater clarity, better decision making and optimal performance. Founder, Bethany Gonyea, often says coherence makes us “happy for no good reason!”

This summer, August 3-9 2019, the Albany Peace Project is preparing to send intentions for peace through intentional coherence meditation to the south end neighborhood of Albany during a week that has historically witnessed the most violence. Unity Board Member, and professor of Mathematics and Statistics at SUNY Albany, Dr. Karin Reinhold, will be analyzing the crime data to determine how much of an impact our peaceful intentions have made!

Our intention is to reduce the violence by 15%,
but we need your open heart to do it!

Please join us by becoming a Meditation Leader through this training opportunity!

You can also be a big support by inviting meditation leaders into your organization or place of work to offer group meditations for peace during the peace week, August 3-9 2019.

Unity Church – Garden Room
21 King Avenue, Albany NY 12203
Saturday mornings 10-1
April 4/6, 4/13, 4/20

For questions, please call: 518-424-0406