with Rob Geyer, author

Little Buddha Book Two is the continuing story of Sam and Claire (Little Buddha) as they move deeper into their spiritual lives. Along with Claire’s mom (Janine) and several new characters, including Claire’s best friend, Jamie and her cat, Schrodinger, they all create and experience many events which offer them valuable lessons about life and relationships.

About the Little Buddha books

Almost five years ago a story came to me in response to my wanting to help a friend who was having a difficult time with the whole idea of forgiveness. What began then has flourished into the first two books in the Little Buddha series. The story centers around a young girl, Claire (Little Buddha) and a man, Sam, who she mentors. Sam has been searching for answers his whole life in what seems to him to be a far too complicated world. Their relationship evolves and deepens spiritually, as she offers him assignments, which lead to his personal healing and growth. The final section in each book provides a reader with focused meditations, projects and questions designed to broaden their own personal spiritual experiences.

-Rob Geyer