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   The mission of Unity Church in Albany is to
   awaken to and embrace the Christ in all persons
   through prayer and service.


We will be posting selected music lyrics and sources on this page as well as making available occasional LIVE recordings from services.
If you hear a song at a service and want the words or want to know where to get a CD or mp3 *, this is the place to look.

* most songs will have iTunes, Amazon.com or Empower Music & Arts links for purchasing individual songs, usually at $0.99 each.

Recent Songs used at Unity Albany
Here are links to some of the newer or notable songs we've sung so far in 2014.
An Opening - Sarah Puig (Mar. 23, 30)
Beautiful Fool- Don Henry (about Martin Luther King)
Break the Wine Glass - Mark Shepard
By Thy Grace - Snatam Kaur (Mar. 23)
Can You Imagine Being Loved - Mark Shepard
Dream Variations - Langston Hughes; Sweet Honey in the Rock
Father of My Soul- Daniel Nahmod
Garden of Dreams - Mark Shepard (Apr. 13)
He Will Listen to You- Mark Heard  (Mar. 9)
I Rise in You - Claudia Carawan (Easter)
Inside (to Find My God) - Daniel Nahmod
It's Only Right Now - Peter Furlong (Mar. 30)
Last Song - Daniel Nahmod
The Lighthouse Beam- Debra Burger (Mar. 16)
Make Me an Instrument - Kurt Van Sickle (Maundy Thursday)
My Soul Rises Up - Erin McGaughan (Apr. 6)
Prayer Song - Danny Flowers (Mar. 2)
Wake Up - Mark Shepard (Easter)
Wash My Heart - Mark Shepard (Maundy Thursday)
A Word of Praise (Hallelujah) - Daniel Nahmod (Mar. 2)
The World Didn't Give It To Me - trad. (Apr. 13)
Yours For Free - Mark Shepard (Mar. 23)


the Fire Before the Flame by Mark Shepard
Fire Before the FlameMark's new Spiritual (but not religious) CD featuring songs written between February 2011 and August 2012 inspired by the “New Thought” ideas and inspirations floating around Unity Church In Albany. These songs have been inspired by the talks of Rev. Jim Fuller as well as visiting speakers like John Welshons, Sonja Milton, Jackie Hawkins and others.

  1. The Fire Before The Flame
  2. Break The Wine Glass
  3. Shine
  4. My Dysfunctional Delusion
  5. Good Morning
  6. We Are All That Is
  7. Alleluia Namaste
  8. Wake Up
  9. I’m Sorry Please Forgive Me
  10. I Live In God
  11. Garden of Dreams
  12. Wash My Heart
  13. Be Still The Water
  14. Body, Mind and Spirit

Get "The Fire Before the Flame CD now!
or buy from Mark at Unity Church in Albany

guitarGuitar Meditations by Roger Mock
Free Downloads

1. Spirit Am I - author unknown; arr. R. Mock  Listen   right click to download



song index
Alphabetical list of songs used at Unity Albany

7 Wonders of the World - Robert Anderson
All I Have - Words: Byron Katie; Music: Roger Mock
All That I Am - Daniel Nahmod
All the Good - Jana Stanfield
All The Things God Is I Am - Erin McGaughan
All You Works of God - Marty Haugen
Alleluia Namaste - Mark Shepard

Alleluia Sky Fire Climbing - Mark Shepard
Always Here - Debra Burger
Amazing Things - Jana Stanfield and Megon McDonough
Amen - Daniel Nahmod
An Opening - Sarah Puig
Ananda is the Ocean
Angel On My Shoulder - Charley Thweatt
And All is Well - Daniel Nahmod, James Dillett Freeman
Anyway - Debra Burger
Awakening - Michael Stillwater
Baba Nam Kavalam (Sumati's Tune) - Dada Nabhaniilananda
Be Peace Expressing - Chris Foster
Be Still - David Kauffman
Be Still the Water - Mark Shepard
Be the Change - Mark Shepard and Bethany Gonyea
Be the Love You Are - Laura & Ken Sutherland
Be Thou Our Vision - Trad. Irish
Beautiful Fool- Don Henry
Beautiful Person - Mark Shepard
Behold, I Make All Things New - John Bell
Bird Kiirtan - Dada Nabhaniilananda
Blessed - Lui Collins
Blessed Always - Ricke Byers Beckwith
Blessed Quietness - Marilyn P. Ferguson, 1897
Blessing to the World - Karen Drucker
Blissfully Abundant - Elaine Silver
The Blue Green Hills of Earth - Kim Oler
Blue Sky- Debra Burger
Body, Mind & Spirit - Mark Shepard
Break the Wine Glass - Mark Shepard
The Breathe of God - author unknown
By Grace I Live - Scott Kalechstein
By Thy Grace - Snatam Kaur
Call Down a Blessing - Margaret Nelson
Can You Imagine Being Loved - Mark Shepard
Carry Me Home - Mark Shepard
Carry Me Over - Mark Shepard
Chariots- John Kirkpatrick
Child of God - traditional spiritual
Choose Love- Eve Goldberg
Christ Child's Lullaby - trad. Hebridean
Circle of Peace - Debra Burger
Circle of Wisdom - Mark Shepard
Closer to the Light - Jim Beloff and Herb Ohta
Come, Come Whoever You Are - Rumi/Lynn Ungar
Come Darkness, Come Light - Mary Chapin Carpenter
Come Home to Me - Debra Burger
Come to Me - Michael Joncas
Coming Home - Mark Shepard
Contemplation Chant - Sophia Songhealer
Crossing the Water - Bill Staines
Do All You Can - Robert D. Anderson
Don't Be Afraid of the Light That Shines Within You - Luka Bloom
Down in My Soul - Jan Garrett & JD Martin
Dream- Melanie Jewell
Dream Variations - Langston Hughes; Sweet Honey in the Rock
Even Now- Erin McGaughan
Everybody Goes Home - Mark Shepard
Everything Possible - Fred Small
Expect a Miracle - Debra Burger
Expression - Robert D. Anderson
The Face of God - Karen Drucker
Facets of the Jewel - Noel Paul Stookey
Father of My Soul- Daniel Nahmod
The Field - Debra Burger
Fire Before the Flame - Mark Shepard
Fire in the Eyes- Mark Shepard
Fishing On the Right Side of the Boat - Mark Shepard
Flow Through You - Mark Shepard
The Four Agreements - Debra Burger
Friend of Friends - Michael Bacon, Andrew Gold and Murray Goldman
From the Heart - Scott Kalechstein
From Thee I Receive - Joseph & Nathan Segal
Gabriel's Song of Delight - Mark Shepard
Garden of Dreams - Mark Shepard
A Garden of My Own - Patricia McKernon
George Bailey - Jana Stanfield
Get Ready, My Soul - Daniel Nahmod
Give Me Love, Give Me Peace on Earth - George Harrison
Give Yourself to Love - Kate Wolf
Go in Beauty - traditional
Go in the Wilderness - trad. spiritual
God Believes in You - Pierce Pettis
God Is a River - Peter Mayer
God is Here - David Hass
God is My Source - Karen Drucker
God You Are - Daniel Nahmod
God's Pleasure - Debra Burger
Good Morning - Mark Shepard
Good News - Ken Whiteley
Govinda Hare - trad. Hindu
A Grateful Heart - Mindy Jostyn
Guide My Feet - trad. spiritual
Hallelujah - Phil Jones
Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen
Hail Mary/Divine Mother Chant - Phil Jones
Hand Upon Your Heart - Patricia McKernon
He Maha Lakshmi - David Newman
He Will Listen to You- Mark Heard
Heart of the Mother- Michael Stillwater
Heaven Guide Me - Ahria
Here and Now - Jana Stanfield and Paul Dolman
The Hidden Pearl- Debra Burger
Hollow Flute - Laila Brady Walzer
Holy Ground - Woody Guthrie, The Klezmatics
Holy Holy Holy - Karen Drucker
Holy Love - Patricia McKernon
Holy Now - Peter Mayer
Hopi Prophecy Song - Steve Holmes
How Could Anyone Ever Tell You - Libby Roderick
How Can I Keep From Singing? - Robert Lowry
Human Kind - Debra Burger
Hymn to Tara- Beth Nielsen Chapman
I Allow, I Surrender - Karen Drucker
I Allow Myself  - Mark Shepard
I Am - Elaine Silver
I Am - Robert D. Anderson
I Am Everything - Alicia Ortiz
I Am Grateful - Mark Shepard
I Am Healed - Karen Drucker
I Am One Voice - Don Eaton
I Am So Blessed - Karen Drucker
I Am So Deeply Blessed - Debra Burger
I Am the Light of God - Richard Mekdeci
I Am the Thinker - Sue K Riley
I Am Thy Hands - Erin McGaughan
I Am With You Now - Scott Kalechstein
I Arise Facing East - Mary Austin, Deborah Langstaff
I Behold the Christ - Debra Burger
I Believe This Belongs to You - Jan Garrett, JD Martin, Ester Nicholson
I Build a Manger - Debra Burger
I Choose Joy - Teri Wilder
I Don't Need to Know - Daniel Nahmod
I Dreamed of Rain - Jan Garrett
I Forgive You, Dad - Debra Burger
I Give Myself to You - Daniel Nahmod
I Have Faith- Karen Drucker
I Hear a Call - Tony Arata
I Know How You Can Get - Debra Burger; based on poem by Hafiz
I Live in God - Mark Shepard
I Love Myself the Way I Am - Jai Josefs
I Release - Michael Beckwith and Rickie Byars-Beckwith
I Rise in You - Claudia Carawan
I See the Light - Debra Burger
I Send My Love (Anastasia's Song) - Joyce Ripp, Karen Drucker
I Still Have Joy - trad.
I Want to Live So God Can Use Me - trad. spiritual
I Will Follow You - Daniel Nahmod
I Will Not Leave You Comfortless - Jan Phillips
I Will Surrender - Karen Drucker, David Roth and Faith Rivera
If I Were Brave- Jana Stanfield, Jimmy Scott
I'm a Rich Man - Mark Shepard
I'm Gonna Do What the Spirit Says Do - traditional spiritual
I'm Gonna Lift My Brother Up
I'm Here to Remind You - David Ault
I'm Sorry. Please Forgive Me - Mark Shepard
Imagine - John Lennon
In Beauty May I Walk - trad. Navajo; Music: Karen Drucker
In Gratitude I Sing - Sarah McQuaid
In the Calm - Scott Krippayne
In the Stillness - Karen Drucker
In This Very Room - Ron Harris
Inside (to Find My God) - Daniel Nahmod
Io Sono Spirito - Charley Thweatt
Ishq Allah - trad. Sufi
It's In Every One of Us - David Pomeranz
It's Only Right Now - Peter Furlong
It's What You Are - Charley Thweatt
Jerusalem, My Destiny - Rory Cooney
Jesus of the Colors - Molly Scott
Jesus on the Main Line - traditional
Just a Closer Walk With Thee
Keeper of the Journey - Mark Shepard
Last Song - Daniel Nahmod
Lead Me to the Light -Bethani
Learning to Love Myself - Scott Kalechstein
Let it Flow - Debra Burger
Let Me Be Your Bethlehem - Danielle Rose
Let Me Rise - Eve Goldberg
Let My Life Be Prayer - Ken Whiteley
Let Peace Go Before Me - Norma Seaward
Letting Go - Harold Payne
Life is Eternal - Carly Simon and Teese Gohl
Light in the Soul - Joe Marshalle
The Lighthouse Beam- Debra Burger
Little Butterfly - Jana Stanfield
The Little Church - Donovan Leitch
Living in the Heart of God - Jan Garrett and JD Martin
Lord, I Want to Be a Christian - Spiritual (aka: Lord, I Want to Be Like Jesus)
The Lord is My Light - Lillian Bouknight
Lord of the Dance - Sydney Carter
Lord of the Starfields - Bruce Cockburn
Love Came Down at Christmas - Christina Rosetti; trad. Irish
Love Forevermore - Charley Thweatt
Love in Any Language - Jon Mohr and John Mays
Love is My Decision - Daniel Nahmod
Love is the Only Action - Debra Burger
Love Love Love - Chris Foster
Love One Another - Mindy Jostyn, Jacob Brackman
Love, Serve & Remember - John Astin
Love Song - Leslie Duncan (new words R. Mock)
Love Will Guide Us - Sally Rogers, trad.
Loving Kindness - Karen Drucker
Magic Penny - Malvina Reynolds
Make Me an Instrument - Kurt Van Sickle
May the Light of God - Don Besig and Nancy Price
May the Light of Love - David Roth
May We All Return - Michael Stillwater
Maybe This Christmas - Ron Sexsmith
Memorial Day Meditation - Steve Holmes
Metta Prayer - Carole Fults
Miracle Cure - Luka Bloom
Mr. Caterpillar - Dalton Roberts
More Like Falling in Love - Jason Gray
More Than Enough
- Daniel Nahmod
My Peace- Keith Routledge
My Soul is Welcome Here - Daniel Nahmod
My Soul Rises Up - Erin McGaughan
My Source - Christina Hovemann, Phyllis Pulver
My Uncomfortable Delusion - Mark Shepard
Name It Claim It- Erin McGaughan
The Newborn King - Peggy Vogel-Nagengast
Night of Silence - Daniel Kantor
No Boundary - Debra Burger
Nothing is Lost on the Breath of God - Colin Gibson
O God You Search Me (Psalm 139) - Bernadette Farrell
Oh Guide My Steps - Debra Winston & Julie Silver
Om Namah Christaya - Karen St. Laurent
Om Namaha Shivaya - Robert Gass
Om Shanti - Rickie Byars-Beckwith
On Eagle's Wings - Michael Joncas
One Great Power - Robert. D. Anderson
One Family - Joanne Hammil
One Heart - J.D. Martin, Janie Houston and Wendy Waldman
One With the Spirit - Debra Burger
Ong Namo - Snatam Kaur
Only a Song - Mindy Jostyn
Only Love - John Prine
Onward to the Kingdom - words: David Haas; music: trad. Irish
Open Our Eyes - Richie Havens
Open Up the Windows - Debra Burger
Our Awakening - Charley Thweatt
Oyaheya - Rickie Byars-Beckwith
Paying Attention - Mark Shepard
Peace Be To You - Michael Stillwater
Peace Call - Woody Guthrie
Peace For the Taking - Debra Burger
Peace in Every Moment - Armand and Angelina
The Peace of the Earth Be With You - from Guatamala
Peace, Salaam, Shalom - Pat Humphries and Sandy O
People Look East - Eleanor Farjeon
A Place in the the Choir - Bill Staines
Practice Makes Progress - David Roth
Prayer (All before me peaceful) - Josh Bogin
Prayer of St. Francis - Joe Jencks
The Prayer of St. Therese - Will Hannah
Prayer Song - Danny Flowers
Radhe Shyam - traditional Sanskrit
Raining With Mercy - Michael Stillwater
Raising the Veil - Daniel Nahmod
Remember to Breathe - Will Hannah
Ring in the New Year - Alix and Anne Herrmann
River - Bill Staines
The Road That Never Ends - Keali’i Reichel
Sacred Love - Daniel Nahmod
St. Francis Prayer (May I be an instrument of peace) - author unknown
St. Paul's Song - Pierce Pettis
Sanctuary - John Thompson and Randy Scruggs
Satyagraha - David Roth
Season of Light - Mark Shepard
Secret Garden - Carol McComb
Seed - Sandy O
Servant Song - Bobby Fisher
Shanti Alleluia - Michael Stillwater
She Carries Me - Jennifer Berenzan
Shepherd of My Heart - Francis Patrick O'Brien
Shine - Mark Shepard
Shine All Your Light - Beth Nielsen Chapman
Shout For Joy - trad. spiritual
Show Me the Innocence - Ginger Curry
The Sight of Christ- Roger Mock; A Course in Miracles
Sing Your Own Song - Debra Burger
Sita Ram - trad.
Siyahamba - traditional African
So That I May - Daniel Nahmod
Softening - Elaine Silver
Something Wonderful- Harold Payne
Somos El Barco (We Are the Boat) - Lorre Wyatt
Song for My Beloved - Elaine Silver
Spirit Am I - author unknown; words from A Course in Miracles
Spirit Calls - Ginger Curry
Spirit of Joy - Charley Thweatt
Spirit Song- Bill Staines
Spring Forth a Well/I've Got a River - trad.
Standing on the Side of Love - Jason Shelton
Step By Step - Chuck Pyle
Still Small Voice - Bob Franke
In the Stillness - Karen Drucker
Straw Against the Chill - Bob Franke
The Summons - John Bell, trad. Scottish tune
Surely the Presence - Lanny Wolfe
Surrender - Michael Gott
Sweep Over My Soul - Harry D. Clarke
Swimming to the Other Side - Pat Humphries
Take My Life - Scott Underwood
Take These Chains - Chris Foster
Take These Hands - Patricia McKernon
Tears at a Moment's Notice - Mark Shepard
Thank You (for Sharing Your Love) - Penny Nichols
Thank You, My Lord - Beth Nielsen Chapman
Thanksgiving Eve - Bob Franke
That's What Love's About - Karen Taylor-Good
There is a Dream - Denean
There is Only Love - Michael Gott, Karen Drucker
There's a Light - Beth Nielsen Chapman
This is the Year - David Roth
This Morning I Am Born Again - Woody Guthrie, Greg Artzner
This Pretty Planet - Tom Chapin
Thoughts - Patricia McKernon
Through My Eyes- Chris Foster
Together We Can Change the World - Mark Shepard
Trading My Sorrows- Darrell Evans
Turn the World Around - Bob Freedman and Harry Belafonte
Unity Advent Song - Carolyn Gauthier
Upon the Ocean - Patricia McKernon
Walk Through Roses - Mark Shepard
Wake Up - Mark Shepard
Wash My Heart - Mark Shepard
Wave After Wave - Charley Thweatt
We Are All That Is - Mark Shepard
We Belong Together - David Roth
We Shall Live in Light - Mark Shepard
We Will Rise - Debra Burger
Weave - Rosemary Crow
What If We Could Be Real? - Mark Shepard
When I Pray - Daniel Nahmod
When I Walk - Erin McGaughan
When All Thy Names Are One - Bob Zentz
When I Am Healed - Michael Stillwater
When the Best is Seen - Debra Burger
When Thy Song Flows Through Me - Yogananda
Why Worry - Debra Burger
Will You Come Home - David Roth
Witness - Daniel Nahmod
The Wonder Deep Within - Joe Jencks
A Word of Praise (Hallelujah) - Daniel Nahmod
The World Didn't Give It To Me - trad.
World of Abundance - Ahria
The World You've Created - Mark Shepard
Worthy - Anthony Burbidge
Yes I Am - Daniel Nahmod
You Are Like God - Debra Burger
You Are the Grey Sea
You Can Live in the Light - Debra Burger

You, God the Good - Peggy Vogel-Nagengast, Katie Nagengast
You Remind Me - David Roth
Yours For Free - Mark Shepard



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