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Continuing the Journey


Guest Rev. Jim Fuller shares insights from what has transpired in his own spiritual journey since leaving his ministry at Unity Church in Albany in 2015.

The Wisdom of the Hourglass


As a prelude to his afternoon workshop on the wisdom of aging and change, “Ramananda” offers an inspiring message on the aging of the body and the human spirit and consciousness that transcends the temporal.

The Middle


It is difficult to remain in balance in a world of duality, of opposites and extremes. Buddhism offers us the wisdom of following the “Middle Way.” (Sunday, November 5, 2017)

Your Heart’s Desire


Our guest speaker and musician, Megon McDonough, gives a delightful biographical sketch of her life, including her various brushes with fame, and her own journey to finding her heart’s desire and her grounding in spiritual truth. The talk is bookended by some of Megon’s wonderful music.