Cary Bayer is a keynote motivational speaker, and a Life Coach in New York and Florida, who’s worked with Oscar winners Alan Arkin and Pietro Scalla, Emmy winners David Steinberg and Judy Henderson, and Quality Inns. He’s helped people learn how to make their dreams come true for decades as a teacher of Transcendental Meditation and as a life coach. Cary has authored 13 books, a 5-part affirmation series on money, success, relationships, communications and the inner journey, as well as several dozen mini-books. His unique Breakthrough Coaching creates breakthroughs in one’s purpose, relationships, money, career and spiritual life.


Cary shared three affirmations during his talk:

My life is enlivened and enriched by a new perspective.

I now embrace the growth to my Higher Nature.

Living from my Higher Nature brings me peace, happiness and success.