We are all on a Spiritual Journey…
Come share YOUR story of the Spiritual Journey YOU are on with others by writing your own book.

Jakob Spearfisher will facilitate this writing group with the Intention of making Unity Albany members into published authors. Techniques of contemplative journaling and life review will be explored as spiritual practice. Published author guest speakers will be featured and techniques of writing discussed. An editor and publicist – Keidi Keating (“Your Book Angel”) – is a contact and is available to edit and publish your completed work.

Change your story and change your life!
Share your story with those you don’t know yet and inspire them by your experience.
We can do this together and help each other write our way to a new life story.
Be an author and an authority of what you know so well: your own mystical journey!

1st Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm, beginning February 6th