with Rev. Crystal Muldrow

Course Description

This 6 week course explores some of Unity’s fundamental Principles as well as the highest form of mind action, prayer. Students will be encouraged to awaken your awareness and understanding of spiritual Truth in order to employ it in your everyday life.

Course Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  1. Articulate and use Unity’s affirmative prayer process.
  2. Explain the significance of the Silence and meditation and their relationship to each other.
  3. Compare Unity’s view and the traditional view of Divine Purpose, Will, Plan and Guidance.
  4. Illustrate some of the key aspects and process of building Christ Consciousness.
  5. Differentiate the Absolute Realm (the Absolute) from the relative realm (the relative) including the analysis of Cause and Effect/cause and effect.
  6. Explain the essential Unity concept, “life is consciousness,” and its relationship to self-awareness and self-knowledge.

Required Text/Readings

  • Hasselbeck, Paul. Heart-Centered Metaphysics. Unity Village, MO: Unity House. 2010.
  • Hasselbeck, Paul and Holton, Cher. Heart-Centered Metaphysics Workbook. Unity Village, MO: Unity Books. 2012.

Cost of materials through our Bookstore: $30

Recommended Text/Readings

  • Cady, H. Emilie. Lessons in Truth. Unity Village, MO: Unity Books.
  • Hasselbeck, Paul. Point of Power. Durham, NC: Prosperity Publishing House.