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Unity EarthCare

by unityalbany

Many spiritual communities recognize that Earth is a wonderful, sacred gift, that our planet is moving further out-of-balance, and that the most vulnerable peoples and species will (and already are) suffer(ing) the worst impacts of climate crisis. Eco-Spiritual groups have been surfacing, coming together to wake people up to the urgency of our situation. They […]

April Theme: Being Enough

by unityalbany

Affirmation for the month: I rise up and reclaim my true identity as a sacred being. * Meditation – click for a 2-minute meditation … Being Enough By Rev. Linda A. Martella-Whitsett Sitting on Cocoa Beach in Florida, my bottom on wet sand, I enjoyed the spot where spent waves lap the land. Warm and […]

Opportunities from Community Loan Fund

by unityalbany

The Community Loan Fund of the Capital Region is a great local organization and one of our investments. Here are some current events and opportunities they are offering.   New 8-week Business Training Course Begins September 15th   Learn what you need to know to start and run a successful small business with our 8-week intensive training course, […]

Blackberry Time

by Roger Mock

by Roger Mock I had this song playing in my kitchen a couple days ago while I was making my dinner. It’s by Irish singer Luka Bloom, and it’s called Blackberry Time. The chorus goes: Everything is possible in God’s time But nothing is for sure All our hurts to wade through And still we find… […]

Summer Worship Schedule

by unityalbany

On Sunday, May 28 we begin our Summer Worship Schedule with ONE MORNING SERVICE at 10:00 am There will be no 9:00 am or 11:00 am Sunday services until Sunday, September 10 Our OneSong Evening Service continues at 6:00 pm each Sunday (with the exception of Sunday, July 16 – no evening service. It’s Church-in-the-Park Day!) […]

President’s Corner

by unityalbany

Leadership by Paul Frament On March 5, a new Board of Trustees was elected, and by March 16, we selected officers and had our first meeting. We have a good Board. Everyone wants to listen to Spirit, and to each other, and act as one cohesive unit. Our names and phone numbers are on the […]

Martha & Mary

by unityalbany

President’s Corner by Lois Crommelin I have found myself often caught up in the doing. The busy worker, Mom, Grandma, gardener, housekeeper. Active and Productive. I don’t always understand the Reflective & Learn type. The ones that sit and meditate and listen to the Teacher. Perhaps this is also true in reverse. The Martha and […]