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A Stand for Humanity

by unityalbany

Rev. Patricia Bass of Unity Worldwide Ministries shared this powerful message on June 16, 2020. Please watch this short video. Transcript below. Hello. I’m Reverend Patricia Bass, Interim CEO at Unity Worldwide Ministries. There is intense pain in our world today and especially in our communities of color, throughout the United States and beyond. Indeed, […]

The Healing Power of Amends

by unityalbany

THE HEALING POWER OF AMENDS by Stephen Colladay So often the healing of racism between white Americans and African‑Americans seems to move at a glacial pace. It seems that no matter how hard we try, we don’t break through the barriers to reconciliation and unconditional love and respect for one another. Could it be that […]

Beyond Racism

by unityalbany

Do “Black Lives Matter” and reversing white privilege matter to you?  A group of ten from Unity Albany went to a conference, last April, in which the presenter was Pax Christi (a Catholic social justice group based in Washington DC).  Unity then organized a separate group with the April workshop’s name: “Building the Beloved Community: Healing Racism.”  Meanwhile, […]