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Mirrors of God: Wisdom, Compassion, Light and Grace

by unityalbany

by Roger Mock For the Baha’i faith God exists as the Ultimate Reality and this universe came about as a movement of love within that Ultimate Reality. It is beyond the ability of finite human minds to conceptualize the infinite reality that is God. Therefore any concepts that humans form of God are only partial […]

The Great Presence

by unityalbany

by Roger Mock   Unity-friendly songwriter Daniel Nahmod sings of the “One Power” for whom we have many names: Call it God, call it Spirit Call it Jesus, call it Lord Call it Buddha, Ba’ha’ulla Angel’s Wings or Heaven’s Door But whatever name you give it It’s all One Power, can’t you see It’s the […]

The One Path

by Roger Mock

by Roger Mock From the beginning of December of last year through this past Sunday, May 20, we observed and celebrated in our own way the birth, teachings, passion, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus the Christ, culminating in the outpouring of the Christ Spirit on his followers at Pentecost. At Unity we loosely follow […]

Spring Equinox Ceremony

by unityalbany

Join us for a very special OneSong Service on Sunday, March 18 at 6:00 pm as we celebrate the coming Spring Equinox with a special South American ritual called Despacho Special guest Shari Parslow, a shamanic healing practitioner, will lead us in this traditional Andean Ceremony. The despacho is a sacred Andean ceremony. It is a […]

In the Lap of Mama God

by unityalbany

by Roger Mock Rev. Crystal and I were talking yesterday about her upcoming talk this Sunday on the Divine Mother. She pointed out that our core experience of God—of that which brought us into being and nurtures and cares for us and loves us with an all-encompassing love—must necessarily emanate from our experience in the […]

Rowing to the Other Shore

by unityalbany

by Roger Mock Lorre Wyatt wrote this little bi-lingual song called Somos El Barco some years ago. Here’s the first verse and chorus: The stream sings it to the river, The river sings it to the sea, The sea sings it to the boat That carries you and me. Somos el barco, somos el mar, […]