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What If You Are the One?

by unityalbany

We wanted to share these questions posed recently by comedian and transformational speaker Kyle Cease on his Facebook page. Take your time reading this and listen to your heart’s response as you do.   I’m only offering this for the people who are open to hearing it. What if the entire world was a full […]

FEAR NOTHING! Or, God is on the Case!

by Elaine Lasda

I have this meme posted on my office bulletin board. And while it is true, it only tells part of the story. Fear nothing? Yes, sure! I am on board! Sign me up for fearlessness!! Unfortunately, simply commanding my brain and feelings to fear nothing does not effectively drop fear from my emotional repertoire.  I […]

When Joy Comes Back

by Roger Mock

by Roger Mock Recently I chanced to hear a Gospel song called Joy Comes Back, sung by blues singer Ruthie Foster. It’s a rollicking good one, and you’ll be singing it with us at Unity sometime soon, I hope. Here’s the simple chorus: I wanna be ready I wanna be ready I wanna be ready […]

God’s Wild Gamble

by unityalbany

by Roger Mock It’s Friday and I have time to write a column today. But what to write? The thing staring us all in the face is this latest tragic shooting in Parkland, Florida. I will not pretend to have anything enlightening to add to the national conversation about this abominable outrage. I have not […]

Embracing a New Year and an Old Friend

by unityalbany

by Roger Mock A calendar is a useful thing sometimes. It provides a structure in which to view our lives, week by week and year by year. We could thank Pope Gregory XIII for this, I suppose (though ultimately our gratitude belongs to the sun, the moon and our ever spinning earth). Gregory is the […]

Finding the Narrow Gate

by Managed WordPress Migration User

by Roger Mock Recently a congregant remarked that she had never forgotten something I had written in this blog some time back. “Really, what was that?” I asked. “You wrote that ‘The present moment is the narrow gate,’” said she. And I thought – wow, that’s pretty good. At least one of us remembered it! Well, […]

Staying in the Heart Space

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President’s Corner by Orisa Skipper I have given myself permission to follow my heart. I have been indulging in the precious time with family in North Carolina, Louisiana, and in the Albany area. Also, with my dearest friend, (Connie) in Oswego, who is battling cancer. I am enjoying extra quiet time in God’s presence or […]

Prayers of Thanksgiving

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By Kerri Kannan How do you pray?  Do you give thanks for already having received; or do you ask from a place of desire for change? As we enter the holiday season, starting with Halloween, we celebrate the day of the dead, allowing those things that no longer serve us to pass, and ending with […]

Extremist, Interventionist Self-Love

by Managed WordPress Migration User

By Gerri Ratigan I think I would have died if I hadn’t committed to love. Here’s something I wrote years ago that helped me internalize what I know to be the most incredible power we all have. It’s so easy to give up when going through difficult times like divorce. Many people are seduced into […]