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FEAR NOTHING! Or, God is on the Case!

by Elaine Lasda

I have this meme posted on my office bulletin board. And while it is true, it only tells part of the story. Fear nothing? Yes, sure! I am on board! Sign me up for fearlessness!! Unfortunately, simply commanding my brain and feelings to fear nothing does not effectively drop fear from my emotional repertoire.  I […]

Embracing the Dark / Being the Light

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by Roger Mock The Winter Solstice, that time of deepest darkness and icy weather, is quite undeniably upon us. Let’s cue up the beginning of Christina Rossetti’s frost-bound poem (rimy rhyme?) to get us in the mood: In the bleak midwinter, frosty wind made moan, Earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone.   The […]

Refuge and Strength

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by Rev. Crystal Muldrow “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” —Psalm 46:2 Perhaps you have heard the saying, “Into each life some rain must fall.” It seems like our world is experiencing more of a surge? We have had an unprecedented year of natural disasters, there are four major wars […]

Prayers of Thanksgiving

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By Kerri Kannan How do you pray?  Do you give thanks for already having received; or do you ask from a place of desire for change? As we enter the holiday season, starting with Halloween, we celebrate the day of the dead, allowing those things that no longer serve us to pass, and ending with […]

Extremist, Interventionist Self-Love

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By Gerri Ratigan I think I would have died if I hadn’t committed to love. Here’s something I wrote years ago that helped me internalize what I know to be the most incredible power we all have. It’s so easy to give up when going through difficult times like divorce. Many people are seduced into […]

Scared or Sacred?

by unityalbany

by Roger Mock Looking at the photo above, which of these words would you say best applies to this image: sacred or scared? You would undoubtedly choose sacred, right? There is an incredible sense of both tranquility and majesty in this palatial landscape, and a feeling from the figure in the foreground of great spiritual […]

Shadow and Light

by unityalbany

by Roger Mock As I am typing this on the morning of a Presidential Inauguration (by the time I finish it will be a done deal), it feels as though I stand with my feet on separate sides of a fault line that is beginning to widen. Time to make a choice. Now. Love or […]