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Board Nominees and Elections 2021

On Sunday, March 7, 2021, Unity of Albany will hold its Annual Membership Meeting at 12:30 PM following the 11 AM service.  The meeting will be held on Zoom. The Zoom link will be sent out to all Active Members of Unity of Albany.

This year we will be mostly voting electronically.  If you are an Active Member, you will receive an email from cheriwphoto@yahoo.com via SurveyMonkey titled “Please Vote In Unity Albany Church’s Annual Board of Trustees Election”.

The Board of Trustees invites and encourages everyone in the community to attend.  Your consciousness and energy are an integral part of this spiritual community and we will all be blessed by one another’s essence and presence at the meeting.

we will conduct the election of new members of the Board of Trustees at the March 7 meeting.  The meeting is open to everyone- – Active Members, inactive members, and non-members alike.  Only Active Members, however, are eligible to serve as Trustees, vote for the Trustees, and/or serve on the Nominating Committee. We must have a quorum of 15% of the Active Members in order to hold this election.  Please come and vote!

During the meeting, we will use an e-voting process (and will also have paper ballots for anyone who cannot use the electronic voting process). Please note, though, that paper ballots need to be received by Unity no later than March 3, 2021.

This year, we have three roles to fill: Two full-term trustee positions (each is a three-year term) and one alternate trustee position (a one-year term).  The positions will be awarded to the candidates based on the number of votes each person receives. The two candidates receiving the highest number of votes will fill the two full-term positions and the remaining nominee will be our alternate trustee.

The Nominating Committee asked several qualified people including those board members whose terms end in March to consider Board service.  Each of these three current Board members, after careful discernment, felt called to run again for a board seat. The Committee is pleased to present these well-qualified candidates for the three board openings. Each of these individuals are spiritually-grounded members of our congregation and have demonstrated their ability to lead the community during this time of pandemic:  They are:

Dave Ferrill

Peggy Kaufmann

Carol Morris

As you know, there will be no nominations from the floor during the Annual Meeting this year; instead, our whole congregation was given an opportunity to nominate an Active Member any time before the end of December and Active Members were given an opportunity any time before January 25.  (Instructions for making a nomination during this time were provided in both the Unity Newsletter and a letter sent out in January 2021.)

To be eligible to vote at the 2021 Annual Meeting, you must be an Active Member. To be an Active Member, our bylaws require that you let us know every two years that you want to continue to be an Active Member.  Renewal is simple. All you need to do is confirm you want to continue to be an Active Member:

  1. Use form at unityalbany.org/membership
  2. Use Servant Keeper
    1. There is a video on our website that can help you know how to do it in Servant Keeper or you can email unityalbanyboard@yahoo.com for assistance.
  3. By Postal Mail
    1. There is an Active Member form in this mailing; if you use that, it must be received by March 3, 2021.
  4. E-Mail unityalbanyboard@yahoo.com

Members who do not renew by March 3rd will be automatically listed as “inactive members” and will not be able to vote on March 7th.  Members may, however, submit the renewal form to be an Active Member again any time after March 7th


When you open the e-mail you will see the image below

Click on the Green Button to Vote.

You will then be directed to the web and see a screen like:

When you have selected the two nominees and answered two additional questions,

press the green Cast My Ballot button

and you will have voted.



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