Unity Church in Albany is deeply saddened and appalled by the recent killing of a black man at the hand of a police officer in Minneapolis this week. This loss of his precious life speaks to the racial divide that haunts American society and to the unbalanced use of force dictated by the color of one’s skin.

Unity Church believes that all are children of God and are imbued with that divine essence that we call the Christ. Each life is precious and valuable, and when one is lost by violence and hatred, the whole of our society suffers. We at Unity Church in Albany share the grief and outrage of George Floyd’s family, the black community, and all who mourn.  His death is particularly hurtful to society since the one who took his life was hired to serve and protect.

We at Unity look to re-commit to actively supporting efforts to work towards police reform, as well as racial and restorative justice.  May we all look inside ourselves with courage and honesty and see how we can heal the pieces of this nationwide disease within us and become a significant part of the solution.

*Know justice, Know peace.  No justice, no peace.*