Our Interim Minister Rev. Steve, the church Board of Trustees, and the whole of the Unity Church in Albany faith community honor our congregants, their children, and their grandchildren who are graduating from educational institutions. We acknowledge your hard work, diligence, and perseverance as you pursued your education and the promise that it brings.

We also acknowledge the support of your family and friends that have helped along this journey of yours. We realize that graduation celebrations and ceremonies are different this year because of the current situation facing us all, but that should not deter from your feeling of pride and accomplishment.

With deep gratitude we also acknowledge the presence of the Divine in each of you that has guided and sustained you on the path of learning. We are fully aware that this same Divine presence will unfold for you the path ahead as you move into new areas of endeavor and personal growth. We affirm your continued success.

We behold the Christ in all of you.