or, Finding the Christ in the Other Person

  • Choose a person (co-worker, child, spouse, relative, acquaintance, neighbor, public official) with whom you would like to experience a more harmonious relationship.
  • Follow these guidelines for a specific period of time; 3-6 weeks is recommended.
  • During this time do not criticize outer actions; concern yourself only with the inner Christ level.
  • Take time each day to affirm your unconditional love for the person—this is the Christ in you saluting the Christ in him/her. You may wish to use the affirmations below.
  • Whenever the person comes to mind, take a moment to bless him/her. Immediately release any feelings of resentment or criticism. And don’t let yourself feel guilty about negative thoughts!
  • EXPECT GOOD RESULTS—and don’t set limits! The less resistance we feel, the more we can become a transparency for God’s unconditional love to flow through us.  We can’t help but be blessed.
  • Remember that we ourselves can do nothing. Be thankful for the opportunity to be an instrument of God’s love.  You can even be thankful for the other person who is in essence nudging you to grow spiritually.

(Adapted in part from “An Experiment in Love” by Jack D. Kern in the June 1980 Unity magazine and The Gift of Love  by Joel S. Goldsmith.)


This affirmation is from July 1979 issue of Daily Word:


I have faith in you, because I have faith in God in you.

I do not pray for you to be better than you are; I pray for you to be as good as you are.  I pray for you  to express your true Christ self.

I do not pray for you to be happy in the way I think your happiness lies.

I pray for you to follow your indwelling light which always leads to fulfillment and happiness.

I do not pray for you to be free from responsibilities.  I pray for you to be free from worry and anxiety, to be the fearless, wise, confident, capable being that you are in Spirit.

I do not pray for you to conform to my idea of success and achievement.  I pray for you to express and expand your God-given abilities and talents in your own unique and wonderful way.

I pray for you, knowing that you are beloved of God.

I bless you without reservation.

I love you as God loves you.