nurturing and healing our world

by Roger Mock

“There is a mother spirit at the very heart of our universe. Even as we think of God we may think in terms of Father-Mother God. This mother principle is that which nourishes, sustains, feeds, tends, and holds together. On this day, which we are dedicating to all mothers everywhere, let us remember that we are honoring the mother spirit that is such an integral part of this world in which we live.” – Daily Word

The Mother Spirit has found manifestation in Christianity as Mother Mary, in Judaism as Shekinah or as Divine Wisdom, in Hinduism as Shakti, in Buddhism as Tara or Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion and in many other traditions as well. Those versed in astrology say that the Aquarian age we are now entering is marked by a growing consciousness of the Divine Mother and is to be a time of spiritual awakening. Some also point to the time of travail we currently find ourselves in as a birthing room, a time of intensive labor that could ultimately lead to a transformed humanity. I hope this is true and sense that it may be. In any event, considering that possibility may make the labor pains a little more bearable.

Certainly a long paternalistic age rooted in hierarchy and power has led us to a crossroads that requires a great turn around if we are to survive as a race and if the earth is to recover from our plundering of its resources, and it would seem that a shift to a more nurturing and compassionate, i.e. maternal, viewpoint is what is required. Theologian Matthew Fox has asked the question, “What would it mean to live in a nurturing society, one where even men nurtured self, one another and others?” Answering his own question he continues, “From a theological point of view it would mean the recovery of the tradition of God as Mother.”

It would also now seem that humanity itself is called to embody Motherhood. We are like Mary, off on a journey into an unknown and new way of being, the comfortable and familiar now left behind us. Let’s hold the vision that, to quote the Harold Payne song, something wonderful is happening to us, right here, right now.

love and light,