Unity Albany in Transition

Board of Trustees Update, May, 2020

As our newly appointed Board of Trustees began our new term in office in March, none of us could have imagined what an extraordinary time in human history we were encountering. A worldwide pandemic struck, and boom, our doors had to quickly close to ensure the health and safety of our congregation.

Unity Albany was already in transition with new volunteer leadership; we were in the process of appointing a new transitional minister and looking for creative ways to keep our services and administrative operations moving. And fortunately, the true spirit of our congregation prevailed.  Sunday services and operations have continued, and many people have stepped forward to offer avenues for fellowship, albeit during this new world featuring “social distancing” and heavy reliance on technology. Who would have thought that our worlds would be turned so upside down, with the prospect of life potentially never being quite the same again! But, with the strength and heartfelt dedication of our congregation, our beautiful forces have come together and Unity Albany has survived and thrived  during this challenging time. Thank you!

As we addressed the immediate needs caused by the pandemic through an expansion of online services and fellowship opportunities, the Board is now turning more of its attention towards “transitional activities” regarding the future appointment of a new senior minister. It is important to recognize that this is not a simple task, but rather a much more complex, spiritual and multi-faceted process. Per guidance from Rev. Steve and Unity Worldwide Ministries, transitional activities typically take six to twelve months, plus potentially an additional four to seven months for the actual search and appointment process.

The process involves numerous steps including reviewing and updating our church vision, mission and core values, and the creation of transition and search teams. It involves taking the time to honor the past and create visions for the future. There will be reviews of bylaws; educational programs; board and leadership training; and last, but not least, preparation and implementation of the Minister search process.

We want you, our beloved Unity Albany family, to know that while we are adjusting to this hopefully temporary new “normal” given the COVID 19 pandemic, we will keep you abreast of our transitional efforts, and invite you to engage in the discussion and process. Your patience and support are appreciated. More to follow in coming weeks. You are a valued part of our Unity Albany family! Please stay safe, please stay involved. Peace and blessings to you all.

(PS: See the new Transition Tab on our website menu above for information on the transition process)