from the writings of Myrtle Fillmore,
Co-Founder of Unity

An excerpt from a letter Myrtle wrote to a friend whose mother had recently died.

I was once an emaciated little woman, upon whom relatives and doctors had placed the stamp “T.B.” [tuberculosis]. And this was only one of the ailments–there were others considered beyond help, except possibly the changing of structures through an operation. There were family problems too. We were a sickly lot, and came to the place where we were unable to provide for our children. In the midst of all this gloom, we kept looking for the way out, which we felt sure would be revealed. It was! The light of God revealed to us–the thought came to me first–that life was of God, that we were inseparably one with the Source, and that we inherited from the divine and perfect Father.

What that revelation did to me at first was not apparent to the senses. But it held my mind above negation, and I began to claim my birthright and to act as though I believed myself the child of God, filled with His life. I gained. Others saw that there was something new in me. They asked me to share it. I did. Others were healed, and began to study. My husband continued his business, and at first took little interest in what I was doing. But after a time he became absorbed in the study of Truth too. We consecrated ourselves to the Lord, and kept doing daily that which we felt led to.

Exploration of the Creative Force (the Mothering Qualities) in all of us–the choices we must make to be the best, most excellent “Mothers” of all! What creativity do you bring to the nurturing you provide for friends, colleagues, family, and community? How can you offer more of that Divine quality and express your Love?

It is my great joy to perceive somewhat of the mother side of God – the Divine love that never fails and that is equal to the drawing of souls to itself. It is my prayer to be able to radiate the qualities of this divine love to all.  You too are the mother of Unity, because in your own heart you have the same ideals, and the same great generous spirit, and the endless and tireless service, and the love that never fails! The mother of Unity is the universal mother. How happy we are to represent this universal Mother!

If your mother had gone away on a vacation and you knew she was in loving hands, you would not be grieved or worried, would you? Well, now, that is just what has taken place. She is resting from the suffering and the problems that she did not know how to manage. She is in the presence of God, just as you are; and the best way to show your love for her is to let go all human longing and all sense of loss, so that this soul who welcomed you as a babe, and who has cared for you, may rest assured all is well with you. Your mother has just gone into a different schoolroom of life, where the divine Father/Mother is the teacher.