…Even When it Doesn’t Look Like it.

by Rev. Crystal Muldrow

First, I want to thank everyone who contributed to my wonderful birthday blessings in July. The Board of Trustees surprised both Rev. Roger and I with a birthday party at our annual “Church in the Park.” The beautiful blessings written on the card and the gifts are greatly appreciated.

Dr. Karina Reinhold, our board President, and I meet monthly, to discuss church matters and to develop the agenda for the board meeting the following week. During last month’s conversation, she expressed her desire to hear more about how Unity principles and affirmative prayers have healed the people in our community. She stated, “Unity was founded on the healing of Myrtle Fillmore. Hearing about how using the teaching of Unity for healing, on all levels, speaks to me and so many people.” With that, we came up with the idea of using this newsletter as a vehicle of sharing stories of healing. And guess whose story gets to be the first one? Yes—mine…

I realize, as many people are asking me about my eyes, that I have not kept everyone updated. My healing story has been a process over a year and a half long. Many of you know that I have been having issues with both of my eyes due to diabetic retinopathy. After learning I have diabetes, my primary care physician sent me to a retinal specialist. Damaged retinas, which can cause loss of vision, are a major concern for diabetics.  To my surprise, I had extreme damage to both eyes and was not even aware of it. As I took control of my diabetes, and my sugar levels normalized, scarring developed on the macula of both eyes. As the scars developed, they caused a hole on my macula, as well separating the retina from it.

The left eye had the most damage and was slated for various in-office procedures and surgeries. The right eye had a few procedures yet everything with it was placed on hold until the doctors could determine how the left eye was healing. I have lost track of how many procedures my left eye has undergone…between 10 and 20. The left eye has had three surgeries with the prayer that my retina would be able to successfully adhere to the macula on its own. With each surgery, I saw a decrease in vision in my left eye. Even with one of the best retinal surgeons in the area, I lost sight in the left eye.

In health, man’s body has this power of replacing worn parts and when it is in harmony it never wears out.  The harmony referred to is self-adjustment to the law of Being, to the law of divine nature, to the law of God. It does not matter what you call this fundamental principle underlying all life — the important thing is to understand it, and to put yourself in harmony with it.
—Charles Fillmore

As a Metaphysician, a Unity Minister, and a TRUTH student, I pulled out all the tools in the toolbox, to harmonize my body, in order for healing to manifest. I meditated and visualized a healthy retina and macula… healthy eyes. I said affirmative prayers and had all my prayer partners do the same. As I harmonized my body, I was sure that my vision would return. Yet, as I write this article, my vision has NOT returned.

So, you are probably wondering, where is the healing component of this story? Here it is… I will admit that after my last surgery, when I was told that my retina was too damaged, I went through deep grief over the loss of my vision. As most do, I started asking God, “How could this happen to ME?” “What lesson was I supposed to learn?” “What did I do wrong?” “Did I not pray correctly?” (THAT was the big one) How could I NOT pray correctly, I AM a Minister, who spent 11 years as a Prayer Associate at Silent Unity! “How could I mess this up?” I would ask myself…

The answer I received was this… I was so busy looking at what I thought I lost, that I literally couldn’t even see that my right eye was continuously doing better! Prayers, and visualizations for healing were being answered for my right eye. I barely took note that the doctor was no longer considering surgery for my right eye. I was not fully taking in that the scarring that had started to cause a hole in my right macula, had stopped. I didn’t fully comprehend this until I listened to an inner voice—my way of saying God—tell me to try on a pair of glasses that had a ten-year-old prescription. My God! I could see much better from glasses that are weaker than the ones I had been wearing. Even better news; my brand-new glasses are also a weaker prescription than the old glasses. I choose to believe that my left eye gave its remaining power to the right eye—so that it could see better. It’s probably scientifically incorrect. Yet, the notion makes me happy.

I am also happy that my left eye is still alive. The affirmative prayer has now turned into my body, seeing that this left eye is still worth keeping alive. I continue to expect to see out of it. And I do see out of it. It’s just not what my right eye sees. I now know that my left eye has a new function; although I am not sure what it is. I just continue to send it love and I still expect it to work. And it does work. It still moves pretty much in sync with my right eye. The nerves still work. The tear ducts still work. I appreciate that it is alive. I am GRATEFUL to remember that prayers DO work and ARE answered!

If you have a story of healing that you would like to share, send it to: unitycorrespondence@yahoo.com