By Karina Reinhold

I am moving out of my home of many years. I’m finding the process of moving to a new home a bitter-sweet experience.  Willing to let go of so many memories lived in our home is not easy. Letting go of the house where my daughter has grown and that is filled with her laughter and mischieful experiences, love messages of friends engraved in a wall, the house that received our family cats, where George greets neighbors in the driveway and Musha chased mice. The many many plants planted which gifted us with beauty. This was home. Cozy, cute, spirited home. It has a particular beauty that marks our passage, our signature, our unique way of communing with nature, birds, bees, deer and more, and with our amazing neighbors. I love this home. I don’t want to let it go.

But let it go I must. Do I really want something else? Am I really allowing something better to come to us? This thought slowly sinks into my awareness. To create something new, I need to let this house go. I can’t keep holding onto the past I love if I truly want to move into the future I desire.

And then the question comes, where else in my life do I need to let go of something to create a more fulfilling life? Where else am I stuck in a way of thinking that keeps me limited in a structure built under earlier beliefs/consciousness? How often do we find ourselves resisting change, clinging to a past we love, not fully allowing the present to gift us with all it is offering us? Can we let go of what has been to be surprised by the blessings that are coming out way?

The prosperity consciousness that I learned through Unity is allowing me to move through change with more ease. How about Unity Church in Albany? What changes are needed? The visioning exercises of last year called for an expanded version of ourselves. More space, more events, more families, etc. The question in my mind is what belief do we need to let go and what mindframe do we need to embrace to manifest all that was envisioned for our church. The gears of change are in motion. Our community is taking steps forward with new initiatives. I can’t wait to see what manifests next as the combined energies of our beloved community. What are we, individually and collectively, being called to do or to hold to move forward our vision of Unity?