We wanted to share these questions posed recently by comedian and transformational speaker Kyle Cease on his Facebook page. Take your time reading this and listen to your heart’s response as you do.


I’m only offering this for the people who are open to hearing it.

What if the entire world was a full on mirror of your connection to yourself?

What if your old story is blocking you from a new consciousness and you are unaware of it?

What if the things happening outside are here as feedback to remind you the true essence of where you are with yourself?

What if the only thing to change is you?

What if by releasing the full old story and connecting fully to the now, you will permanently create magical change and the world will mirror this change?

What if you are the birth of a new consciousness on this planet and love will be the underlying truth?

What if this whole world is your dream and waking up changes this reality?

What if most people see this and keep flipping but you actually are feeling affected by this because you are open?

What if one person can change the world?

What if you are the one?

At one point we will all see that this whole thing is a choice.

Some of us are going to see that today.

You have nothing to lose by discovering what you truly are. We have a lot to lose by staying the same.

Let’s live fully.