We have begun as a ministry to pursue the implementation of the Unity EarthCare Program. Anyone is welcome to join our EarthCare Committee and/or attend meetings on the 3rd Sunday of the month following the 11:00 am (10:00 am in summer) service.


The Unity EarthCare Team, a ministry team of Unity Worldwide Ministries, has designed the Unity EarthCare Program to assist congregations in integrating an earth-oriented spirituality into their ministry.

The program consists of three levels of achievement on the Path to EarthCare. In each progressive level of achievement there is a greater commitment to and consciousness of EarthCare. A ministry’s involvement will be tailored to each particular community and resources available. It is not necessary to complete the levels in sequence.

Level A: EarthCare Covenant

Completing this level fulfills the Pray and Vision steps. Creating a covenant provides a statement of commitment to the EarthCare Program by the leadership of the ministry. It is a sacred trust between the church community and spirit and should be adopted by the board of directors as well as the senior spiritual leader. Although samples are provided in Suggestions/Opportunities, congregations are invited to be creative and discern their own individual statements.

Level B: EarthCare Commitment

Completing this level requires four (4) steps and three (3) actions from the Actions List, with documentation. If Level A has not already been achieved, the Pray and Act steps are required. Also describe the history, current status and future EarthCare plans of your ministry.

Level C: EarthCare Fulfillment

Complete all seven (7) steps of the Path to EarthCare and six (6) of the eight actions from the Actions list, with documentation. Also describe the history, current status and future EarthCare Plans of your ministry. By completing the Path to EarthCare, the congregation will have cultivated a comprehensive earth oriented spirituality that touches the entire ministry both spiritually and in practical actions.