Dear Unity Church Members,

In preparation for the Annual Membership Meeting, we are updating our membership records in accordance with the recently approved Unity of Albany’s Bylaws. These bylaws provide for designating members as “active” or “inactive”.

Section 2.3 Terms of Membership
B. Active Membership

To retain active membership rights, members must indicate their desire to remain members by completing and returning to the church an Active Membership Renewal Card or such other document approved by the Board of Trustees. This occurs every two years. If no current membership renewal card or approved document is on file prior to the Annual Membership Meeting, that person becomes inactive and cannot serve on the Board of Trustees nor vote at any Membership meeting.

Please USE THIS FORM to indicate whether you would like to become an “active member” or not, as well as an opportunity to update our records with your current contact information. Right now, we are all simply members, but due to the new bylaws, we are asking everyone to identify themselves as “active” members, by submitting the form on the back.

Why become an “active” member? Active members receive notifications of Membership Meetings and have voting privileges at these meetings. Inactive members do not receive notifications and are not allowed to vote. Only active members will be counted for quorum. So, we do need you to become “active” to conduct Membership Meetings.

Becoming an “active” member is easy. All a member has to do to be listed as an “active” member is to request that they be an “active” member. Unity activities remain open to all. Everyone, members and non-members, is welcome at Sunday Services, classes, and other Unity functions, even Membership Meetings, but only “active” members vote.

If a person does not want to be designated as “active” member, that person will be designated as “inactive”. They can then become “active” by simply requesting that they be changed to “active”.

Section 2.3 Terms of Membership
E. Reinstatement of Membership

Prior members that voluntarily relinquished their membership or whose membership status became inactive can be reinstated as active members of the Unity Church in Albany. They shall fill out a membership renewal document approved by the Board of Trustees. They shall be reinstated as a member upon verification by the Board of Trustees.

Please fill out and return the Active Member Form by February 23rd, to allows us enough time to prepare the record of active members for the March 6th Annual Membership Meeting. Place your Active Member Form in the white mailbox marked “Membership” in the Bradford Street lobby, or mail it to:
Unity Church of Albany, 21 King Ave, Albany NY 12206

Unity Church in Albany Board of Trustees