by Paul Frament

Do you enjoy the people that you meet with at Unity Service on Sunday morning to improve your spiritual life?  Would you like an opportunity to get to know them better, and interact with them on a more personal level? If your answer is yes, we have an opportunity for you. You can hang out with the generous and enthusiastic people who support our Sunday Hospitality. The kitchen in our Fellowship Hall is like the kitchen where many families hold their holiday gatherings. Even though there are chairs in the living room or family room, many guests stand around the kitchen table sharing good times, problems, and all types of family news, and, if needed, chipping in to help prepare the holiday meal. Unity’s family kitchen is like any family’s kitchen, the family leaders are there, and when you enter, you are welcomed into the core that makes the family go, and you share in all of the love, support, and acceptance that the family has to offer.

Just volunteer for Hospitality once, and you can experience our wonderful family in a new way.

How do you volunteer for Unity Hospitality? Is the process complicated? No, it is like the Nike commercial, “Just Do It!”. On any Sunday, bring a food item to share, walk into the kitchen, and ask “Where shall I place this?”. You will be greeted warmly, thanked for your generosity, and given an answer to you question. What food item should you bring?  Whatever is easy and matches your diet values. Anything from sugary snacks to very healthy organic options will be enjoyed by someone.

What if you don’t bake or buy food items? There is coffee to make, and there are cleanup chores. Carrying left over food back to the kitchen, taking down tables, stacking chairs, and filling the dishwasher are all ways to join the Hospitality family. Dottie Frament and many other hospitality veterans will be happy to show you around, and answer questions.

My best advice is to pick a task that is easy for you, perform it with a generous heart, and enjoy the interaction with your Unity family.