One way to think of service is that it is a chore to gain some reward, or to get others to agree that we are doing our fair share of necessary work. But, I believe that serving others is our true nature. We receive our reward from the serving itself, not from a potential reward. Parenting is an example of serving from our hearts. Parents know that they won’t receive a material reward when they get up at 3 AM to comfort their crying child. But, seeing the baby have her needs met is all the payment that they desire. We are wired to receive satisfaction from seeing that we can bring joy and comfort to others.

One of the areas that I serve our Unity Community is to help setup and cleanup for our Sunday Hospitality. It lifts my spirits to witness the energy and excitement that fills up our Fellowship Hall after Sunday Service, and I truly enjoy hanging out with my friends, who also feel a call to create exciting hospitality. Many times I have said to someone “You do this every week. Why not take a week off?”. And the response is always “I love my Unity Community, and this is how I support it”. I have never heard remarks like “I always do my share, but there are others who don’t do their share”. When you have the service calling, you know that you can respond to your inner guide, and not be concerned about what guidance someone else is following.

Some of us have had the opportunity to be an usher or greeter at a Unity Service. As we welcome someone and see that our efforts are making them feel comfortable, their comfort is our reward. What a great way to start out a Sunday filled with the joy of service. Volunteer to be a greeter / usher.

Not every area of service is for me. There are some areas that are mine to do, and other areas that are for someone else. How do I select my area? Quiet meditation with a willingness to listen to whatever comes to us is a good starter. Then, as we think about

Paul Frament

the service, or when we try it out, we should notice “is it a chore, or does the service itself bring me joy”. The service that is meant for me will lighten my heart and make me happy, even if no one notices and says “Thank You”.

Writing an article for our Unity Newsletter / Web Site, is a way to serve our community and beyond. Everyone has an experience, observation, or unique inspiration to share. It was difficult for me to get started, but as I typed, words came to me from somewhere, and I trust that Spirit will use these thoughts in ways that I can’t imagine.