by Beth Suter

Seven-year-old Bria sat next to her grandmother, Sollena. I hadn’t seen either of them in church before. Both of their energies were captivating. The little girl sat between us. I could feel that the little towhead was special and leaned over to her grandmother and said, nodding my head toward Bria, “She’s an indigo child.” Her grandmother, also a psychic medium like me, nodded her head knowingly, with a prideful twinkle in her eye.

We began to settle into the 11 AM service, just before Lent. Bria’s sparkly boots dangled from the pew. She was way too short for her feet to touch the ground. Reverend Crystal was starting her meditation and suggested that we all put our feet on the ground. I hadn’t settled in yet, and per chance, glanced over to see Bria trying to comply with the pastor’s direction. Like a Slinky toy, her pliable body slid down the contour of the pew, until her feet reached the floor. Now it was really hard for me to settle in … because I was trying to stifle a hearty laugh!

Continuing, we followed along in the order of service, and it was sermon time. Bria drew a little cartoon: her version of what Reverend Crystal was saying. Bria seemed pleased that I was looking at her drawing and when she finished, she gave it to me!

She explained what it meant, “God is sending love to all of us,” she whispered in my ear.

I accepted her drawing and the explanation with a glistening tear in my eye. I always wanted children, so this was very special and touching for me … her gift, her love.

Others around Bria also seemed struck by the quiet charisma of this seven-year-old. Her Roman dimple aside, there was something noble about this little girl, she had a palpable gravitas. Behind me were Patrice Hollman and Margaret Fitzgerald. They had gestured to see the drawing. I happily shared my new treasure with them.

Those slips of paper in the pews are quite handy, even if they’re not always used for writing prayers — because then, Patrice handed me her own note. The strong energy in Patrice’s words was attention-grabbing: “Introduce her to Rob, she is the Little Buddha.”

There is no such thing as coincidence, only synchronicity, at least at Unity, right? Can you guess what book the pastor mentioned, within seconds of the note being passed to me? Crystal mentioned Rob and his important book, Little Buddha.

Now for those of you who don’t know Rodale’s published author, our own Rob Geyer, he’s a pretty big deal, and so is Little Buddha. Last year, Rob introduced us to his main character, a sage six-year-old girl who holds the wisdom of Buddha.

So, back to Unity Albany and that magical Sunday: there was electricity, or some kind of magnetic energy, in the excited air as we were all looking back-and-forth to one another, to Bria, to the pastor, to Rob and Maureen who were sitting, unaware, at the other end of our pew. Of course Spirit lined us all up in the same row, with Patrice right behind me, in a space that I had never sat before!

What to do next? I gathered everyone to the library (see photo).

“Bria,” I excitedly suggested, while getting Grandma’s permission, “there’s someone you have to meet.”

I purchased Little Buddha and introduced Rob. When I explained the synchronous situation to everyone, each was visibly moved. Rob sweetly signed the book for her. Guess what I tucked in, as a bookmark for our own Little Buddha? Patrice Hollman’s note, of course.

And as for me, Bria’s precious picture, of God sending us love, is prominently displayed on my refrigerator … a reminder of yet another mystical day at Unity.