On Sunday, March 4, members of Unity Church in Albany elected four new Board members (including two returning members) and appointed the new officers of President, Vice-President, Treasure and Secretary.

The newest member is Peggy Kaufmann and our new alternate is Dave Ferrill.
Reelected are Cheri Warren and Karin Reinhold.

The new board lineup is:

Paul Frament – President
Karin Reinhold – Vice-President
Cheri Warren – Treasurer
Peggy Kaufmann – Secretary
Sam House – Trustee
Elaine Lasda – Trustee
Dave Ferrill – Alternate

Much gratitude to those ending their term this month: Ernie Klemm (Treasure) and recent alternate Anne Marie Burke.

Click the link below for biographies of our newly elected members.

Biographies of 2018 Nominees for Unity Board of Trustees