I always find it interesting when I meditate on something and I end up with an answer that is completely different from something I would have thought.  To me, it means that I am receiving what the universe is sending. This happened during our White Stone ceremony when I was asked to choose a new name.  Rev. Crystal asked us to meditate on a new name and said to allow ourselves to be open to it, because we may want to reject it at first… which described my sentiments about the name I was given.

Leading into the meditation, I was thinking “Trust” and was pretty sure that would be my new name or vibration going into the new year.  Then I got quiet.  When I entered the meditation, what came up was “Charity,” which at first, I experienced a bit of resistance to because I didn’t fully understand and part of me didn’t want to necessarily trust THAT MUCH. It was uncomfortable so I waited to see if anything else popped into my mind, but Charity kept being repeated.  So, I opened myself to it and realized that I would need to meditate on what it means to “Be Charity.”

I know it wasn’t meant as a “Charity Case” or someone who would require the help of a charitable organization, but more of the demonstration of loving kindness, generosity and benevolence of God’s Infinite supply living brought to me and given to others. It was asking me to “Be Charity.” To me, it conjured up thoughts of my spiritual teacher who once said to me, “Love is not an investment, where you can take out what you put in, with interest. It is more like a charity, you give without expectation of anything in return.”

It struck me as interesting that I went into the meditation thinking of Trust and ended up with Charity because Charity goes way beyond Trust. It is trust expressed.  It means pushing the boundaries of my mind to move beyond trust into something greater… to Truly BE the things I wish to see in the world and take action. It’s easy to trust if it requires no action. Charity also conjures Ideas of living from a state of grace and asks that I allow myself to be led through my demonstration of plenty and to be a vessel through which all is given.  It is a way of expressing universal abundance in all things, through me.  I am both excited and scared because it is asking me to step up and demonstrate my power in a bigger way than I have been comfortable doing. It is asking me to trust myself and the unity and richness that is already mine and to “Be Charity” through my actions of loving kindness toward others.

If you attended the White Stone Ceremony, what are you called to be? What ever it is, embrace it because even if it is something that you didn’t want to allow in, I’ll bet it’s because it is pushing you outside of your comfort zone to allow the Divine to express through you in greater ways.<