President’s Corner

by Orisa Skipper

I have given myself permission to follow my heart. I have been indulging in the precious time with family in North Carolina, Louisiana, and in the Albany area. Also, with my dearest friend, (Connie) in Oswego, who is battling cancer. I am enjoying extra quiet time in God’s presence or with loved ones.

In 2017 my heart’s desires shifted a great deal in different directions.

God knows our hearts and will guide us. Like ships at sea setting our sails (hearts) to take advantage of the wind (circumstances) whichever direction it may blow, your life is moved in positive directions by choosing to make the best of whatever comes. Stay in your heart space, listening, and watching for your guidance. Look for ways to turn any less than perfect situation into the right situation for you.

STOP complaining, ask God to show you how to make things better. Do your best. Trust God with the rest.

“Love moistens the heart, So that it can join with others in an authentic expression of connectedness. The beauty of this realization moved Buddha to say that sustaining a loving heart, even for the duration of a finger snap, makes one a truly spiritual being.”
—Insight Meditation, Sharon Salzberg and Joseph Goldstein.


Orisa Skipper,
Co-President, Unity Board of Trustees