By Gerri Ratigan

I think I would have died if I hadn’t committed to love. Here’s something I wrote years ago that helped me internalize what I know to be the most incredible power we all have.

It’s so easy to give up when going through difficult times like divorce. Many people are seduced into waiting for something special to happen in the hopes of feeling better. They are simply not aware of the need to take matters into their own hands. But without taking personal responsibility, most people live pretty unhappy lives. So let’s get radical here. This is your life. It’s time for extremist interventionist self-love measures. Be proactive about loving yourself. Love yourself deep down, dirty, through the good, the bad and in every possible way. It’s not an accident to feel good about yourself, your life and to feel love. This is a decision.

So, in celebration of love, I share an excerpt from a previous message below. Read this to yourself again and again. Notice how it raises you up. Notice how it helps you naturally want to do and be more. This is the kind of fuel you need every day.

Just about everybody says they love themselves, and yet most of us hide pieces of ourselves that we don’t feel so good about.

What an opportunity to shine love!

* * * * * * * * * * *

Say this to yourself while feeling the power of it radiate up through your heart and out:

“I love you (your name). I feel love radiating from me through my heart and filling my body. I feel love radiating outward. I go deep within and hold the scared child within me and love that child unconditionally. I love that child forever and always. I’ve had hard times in life, sure, and I’m still here. I forgive myself and everyone who’s hurt me. Even if someone did the most brutal, thoughtless mean things to me, I know they were only operating from their own pain. Even if I did the most brutal, thoughtless, mean things, I know I was operating from my pain. I can forgive others and myself and let it all go. I am not the person who was hurt or who made mistakes. I am so much more! I am a manifestation of God life energy here on earth. It’s truly amazing to be here on this spinning planet revolving around the sun. What a gift! I have made mistakes and I love myself. I love myself when I mess up. I love myself when I do my best. My value has nothing to do with what I do because I am always loved by God and in knowing that, I am always love. I love myself and love radiates from me and touches everyone and everything. I am love.”

* * * * * * * * * * *

Self-love takes regular maintenance and even more daily commitment than brushing your teeth. You are that important. “Love starts with you.”

 Gerri Ratigan is a life coach, writer,
photographer, organizer and singer –
all as a professional and amateur
in varying degrees.
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